Wednesday, April 29, 2009

K9 crime-fighters

Click here for a story from today's The News Guard which was of special interest to Angus.

The News Guard
also spoke about the killer whales that started showing up off the central Oregon Coast around April 15. A group of seven orcas were spotted by the Depoe Bay Whale Watch Center on April 16. They'll be around for only a few more weeks; so if you're a whale watcher, you'll want to take a day when the ocean is flat and look for those orcas.

The article spoke about Depoe Bay Whale Watch Center officials seeing the whales "gobble up" baby gray whales, sea lions and seals. That would break my heart! I'd like to see the whales but certainly not during feeding time. I know, I know...everything has to eat. But can't Purina make some Killer Whale Chow or something?

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